CM Centumbrie: Tradition and innovation to experience every aspect of Umbria in its excellence

CM Centumbrie appreciates the hard work of those who, for centuries, lovingly cared for their land. A legacy of bounty and ritual festivals that shaped a social and civil conscience.

“We don’t want to lose this cultural heritage. We’ll continue the work of our ancestors and share it with everyone as we move towards the future".

The Project

About CM Centumbrie
It is the story of a family who, after having made a fortune elsewhere, decides to use part of their life's earnings on a project that gives prestige and vitality to their homeland. A sign of gratitude for that cultural baggage of values ​​and skills, inherited from Umbria, which guided them in their family and professional life.
CM Centumbrie is research, experience and the story of a territory, according to a project based on listening to the laws of nature. Sustainability, quality, organic farming, short supply chains, design and hospitality become tangible elements of a system based on excellence and valuable ethical principles.
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Our Places

What we do

CM Centumbrie combines activities and places: organic farming for our fields around Lake Trasimeno, where we grow olive trees, fruit trees, grains, legumes and garden vegetables and raise free-range livestock and poultry.

CM Centumbrie headquarters are based in an industrial area close to the lake. Not only is it a production facility, it is also a major urban redevelopment project to give inviting, livable spaces back to the community.
Not to overlook the world of wine, between our offices and Lake Trasimeno, Podere Libera Lepre winery and tavern is where Cm Centumbrie wine is produced and traditional cuisine served.
The Cm Centumbrie company sites are a sort of large open square including:
oil mill
natural stone mill
legume processing plant
gourmet bistro
café/bakery where sweet and savory baked goods are made
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Our Product

100% made in Italy
Each production division in Cm Centumbrie is a synthesis of innovation and tradition that offers excellent services and creates healthy and artisanal products; a sincere expression of the land and the hard work of its people.
Olive Oil
Four award-winning extra virgin olive oil lines made by traditionally pressing indigenous olives.
Organic Wine
Mainly manual winemaking of our grapes yields natural wines with no chemicals; just the territory.
3 lines of tasty, nutritional flours processed slowly on our stone mill to protect the wheat germ.
Sweet and Salty Snacks
Taralli, crackers, biscuits. Handmade in our bakery with natural yeast and Cm Centumbrie products.
Organically grown around Lake Trasimeno. Short supply chain for a line of nutritious legumes.
Fresh, crisp, seasonal products right from our garden. Organically grown to respect the land.

Experience the world of CM Centumbrie.

Be captivated by our story of Umbria; discover the design of our facilities, the beauty of the surrounding nature and the flavours of Italian quality.